Update - September, 2009.


Some 2009 Shows posted on SHOWS page.

Plans to do another full length release in the future are still in the works.

Some of you may recognize this site as the design of the old Dead City website. Until the New AWKWARD THOUGHT website is complete and put online in future this site design will serve as the official AWKWARD THOUGHT website. The Awkward Thought link to the left is still active and you can still find out current data about the band here. The current Dead City site at WWW.DEADCITYRECORDS.COM will always have a link to the Awkward Thought website.

The new DEAD CITY website has a store E Store for quick and easy online ordering of all Awkward Thought Merchandise.

Awkward Thought currently writing music for next CD out in the future.

Our good friend Jeff passed away in his sleep on May 4, 2008.
Jeff was a really cool person who supported Punk and Hardcore music with a passion.
He sang for New York band SHELL SHOCK.
SHELL SHOCK featured past member of Awkward Thought Scott on guitar.
Jeff was part of the hardcore family -always supporting and making the scene better.
Jeff is gone but not forgotten. We love you Jeff.

To Book AWKWARD THOUGHT email DEAD CITY with the showdate/location request and you'll get a reply asap.

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John from Awkward Thought will be tourmanaging Billy Club Sandwich in Europe in October 2008. Come support BCS and say hello.

John from Awkward Thought will be tourmanaging No Redeeming Social Value in Europe in October 2007. Come support NRSV and say hello.

The Leumkemia benefit for Dominic Intervallo show on Aug 2, 2007 in Brooklyn was a success. Thanks to all who supported!

STATEMENT from John Awkward Thought-
On October 20, 2005 the greatest man that ever lived who was also my best friend passed away. His name was Ted Franko and he was my father. Some of you may remember him from back in the early 1990's when he had a band and played at a few punk shows around the area and at ABC NO RIO. It was all done in good fun. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has offered condolences through these rough times. Not a day will go by that I don't think about my father. Thanks to all that touched his life. He was hated by no one and loved by all who knew him. He can never be replaced. Most of my friends knew him and I thank you for the support you have given me.

European freaks -
John from AWKWARD THOUGHT will be tourmanaging BILLYCLUB SANDWICH
in November 2004. This is Billyclub Sandwich's first time in Europe.
Awkward Thought will NOT be playing -John is tour managing BCS only.
Dusty from RUN LIKE HELL will also be helping BCS on tour.
Catch BCS at the following places:
Nov 5 at Club Innocent in Hengelo, Holland
Nov 6 at Club Baroeg in Rotterdam, Holland
Nov 7 at The Underworld in London, UK
Nov 8 at TJ's in Swansea, Wales UK
Nov 10 at Bar Laplace in Caen, France
Nov 12 at Au Bon Accuel in Hollain, Belgium
Nov 13 at the Filled With Hate Festival in Neuss, Germany
Nov 14 at La Péniche Alternat in Paris, France

European freaks -
John from Awkward Thought will be tour managing NO REDEEMING
SOCIAL VALUE in Europe in June 2004
So get out of the pubs and into the clubs and check out NRSV.
Awkward Thought will NOT be playing -John is tour managing NRSV only.
Need to get on the guestlist -email us.
Tiffany from RUN LIKE HELL will also be in Europe helping NRSV at the
Midsummer Hardcore Festival in Tilburg Holland on June 19th and 20th.
Catch NRSV at the following places:
June 12 Maastricht NETHERLANDS - Wedding private show
June 15 Leipzig GERMANY - Conne Island
June 16 Bochum GERMANY - Zwischenfall
June 17 Brussels BELGIUM - DNA club
June 18 Nevers FRANCE - Le Cafe Charbon
June 19 Athus BELGIUM - Cafe Le Marignan
June 20 Tilburg NETHERLANDS - O13 at the Midsummer HC Event